Full-service management is a tailored service made to simplify running a social media campaign by allowing our agency to fully operate and execute your campaign strategy.  







The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is to have a solid strategy in place. Every business and industry is different and requires its own tailored game-plan to achieve the desired results. Whether it be brand awareness or straight conversion it is important to have a consistent strategy to build momentum. Once momentum is built, social media algorithms will take care of the rest. Our strategists are some of the best in this new and ever evolving field of social media marketing. Through strategy, we are able to not only map out clear goals and expectations but also formulate a plan to complete those objectives.



Creating valuable and engaging content is a full-time job that pays no overtime. Content is the lifeline of your business on social media. It is what connects new people to your brand, and what keeps existing people connected. Content can come in many forms including pictures, videos, informative posts, infographics etc. Maintaining a standard of high quality content will separate your brand from the rest. Our in-house content team is compiled of copy writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and editors. With our service, high quality content is included and is what we work hard to always provide consistently. For businesses in South Florida, our content team travels directly to you as needed. For businesses in other US states, our team works remotely with the same level of efficiency. We have all the equipment ready to shoot product shots and all types of video content to support your campaign at no extra cost. It is our promise to make sure your business has an unlimited supply of polished, high quality visuals.


The only way to truly stay consistent with your social media campaign is to develop a posting schedule that is to be followed religiously. Different businesses have different needs when it comes to posting. The common "daily posting" practice may not be appropriate for your type of industry and may even be hurting your overall campaign. After creation, we take complete control of posting for your business (you can post freely as well), this allows brands to operate hands-free while we do the ground work. Organization is one of our fundamental principles. To ensure that we are posting with purpose, every single post is created in advance. This allows ample time to make sure that we are consistently delivering engaging content. We will utilize a content calendar that will allow us to be months ahead of schedule.


We connect to current and future customers by engaging with them on a daily basis. Every week we will spend a minimum of 15 hours in just engagement. We target based on the geographic necessities of your business, this can be locally or nation-wide. The purpose of targeting is to ensure that we are consistently reaching out to correct demographic. This is the most time consuming and overlooked daily task but it is absolutely the most vital in ensuring that people are constantly being introduced to your brand.



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