What is

Full-Service Management?

  • Full service management is made to simplify running a social media campaign by allowing our agency to fully operate and execute your social media campaign completely to your liking and with you still in the driver's seat. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Our team currently consists of campaign strategists, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, content creators and engagement managers.


Whats the process?

Account Strategist

You will be assigned a dedicated account strategist that will create an effective strategy for your campaign.

Define Objectives

What are your business goals on social media?

Define KPI's

KPI's are Key Performance Indicators. By defining KPI's we will be able to measure the success of the campaign both in the short and long run.

Create a Plan of Action

Once we have defined our objectives and formulated our KPI's we are now ready to create a plan of action to implement our strategy. 

Content Creation

  •  We have an in-house photo/film crew that will be at your disposal, they work cohesively with our team of graphic designers and media creators. With our service, we will shoot high quality content for your business every month. This can be done at a business location or somewhere else. We have all the equipment ready to shoot product shots, all types of video content and motion graphics. This will supply our creative team with raw material which will then be curated and converted into engaging content. It is our promise to make sure your business has an unlimited supply of polished, high quality visuals.


Scheduled Posts 

Organization is one of our fundamental principles. To ensure that we are posting with purpose, every single post is created in advanced. This allows ample time to make sure that we are consistently delivering engaging content. We will utilize a content calendar that will allow us to be months ahead of schedule.

Daily Engagement

We connect to current and future customers by engaging with them on a daily basis. Every week we will spend a minimum of 15 hours in just engagement. This is one of the most time consuming daily tasks but it is absolutely vital in ensuring that people are interacting with your brand on social.

Analyze Data

We are an extremely data-driven social media marketing agency. We will constantly analyze insights to gather information and make data-driven adjustments. The more data we compile over the life of the campaign, the better positioned our strategy will become over time.

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